Turning 30

I turn 30 on Monday. I’m renting a house in Wilson’s Promontory (a national park by the coast in Victoria) for it with 12 friends. We’ve rented the house for 4 days and different people are coming and going over that time. I’m sharing the birthday with my friend because it seemed less daunting having a joint party, but it does seem more like my party as I am doing more of the organising, they are mainly my friends and it falls over my actual birthday weekend. We also had a joint house party 2 weeks ago at his house for our 30ths and that felt more like his party so it has worked out nicely.

When I moved to Melbourne just under 2 years ago (a week after my 28th birthday) I only knew 1 person here. It is pretty cool to think I have at least 10 or so new, close friends. Although organising the trip has given me a bit of anxiety, and been a bit stressful at times as people change their plans or need a bit of hand holding if they don’t know anyone else, I’m still glad I went ahead and organised this. I’m definitely more of a quiet, introvert type, but it is nice to bring people together, and everyone is an adult and able to look after themselves so I will provide food and a loose itinerary and we can all just dip in and out of what we want at the weekend. One thing I am conscious about is having a bit of down time, so I think I’ll organise loose walking plans around 12pm each day and then people can do what they like in the morning whether that’s exercise, meditating or heading to the beach.

I did have a minor stress about food but my girlfriend checked through it with me. I’ve mostly catered for dietary requirements, and really, I think everyone is happy with whatever, and it is good to keep it pretty simple on a weekend away. I’m excited to see Wilson’s Prom too, I’ve heard the beaches and hiking are amazing. I think we will do one long ish hike on the first day (followed by a BBQ), a chill beach day on the Sunday, maybe another hike on the Monday and movie night and winery lunch on the way back to Melbourne on the Tuesday. Lottie has only been my girlfriend for a few months but it is really nice to have her support in sorting this out.

I feel quite emotional thinking my new friends too and how lovely they are. It is so funny to think that we are a group of 30 somethings now, everyone seems so young still, and often so lost or vulnerable. But, not in a negative way, I think it is quite nice really to think none of us have it figured out and we’re all still working through stuff, tweaking our lifestyles and habits and redefining who we are all the time. I think that might be why I’m not sad about turning 30. I still feel so young and like there is so much more I could do. I don’t really mind the idea of getting older too and perhaps relaxing a bit more. My twenties have been fun but pretty manic and busy for the most part. I seem to have an inbuilt wire pushing me to do more all the time. It can be kinda exhausting and I often give myself quite a hard time. I hope I am able to give myself more compassion as I get older. Although my do’er mentality has got me where I am, it can also be quite paralysing and stop me being present and satisfied. I think the main thing is that I am aware of it though. I’ll call her Twig Do. Twig, do do do. (My surname is Twigden).