Small wins

If I think of something I need/want/should do and it takes less than a minute I am trying to do it straight away. I heard about this on Gretchen Rubin‘s ‘The Happiness Project’ podcast and it makes sense. The sense of achievement from doing little tasks like these is definitely worth the minimal effort involved. It is like crossing something of a life admin mental to do list. I love crossing stuff off lists to the point that I would almost write one for the satisfaction of striking through the text. If you do it in the morning as you’re leaving the house you’ll feel like your already winning and are in for a good day. I sat down to write this blog this morning and ended up doing the following tasks which took sub 5 minutes of my time but now they are out of my headspace and I’m looking through a clean laptop screen. #smallwins #lifeadmin

  • Cleaning my laptop screen, phone and phone cover [I’ve never cleaned my phone before…]
  • Washing up my plate
  • Replying to a text
  • Changing dirty flower water
  • Pouring and then drinking a glass of water [it doesn’t come naturally to me weirdly. I often do half the task and pour a glass of water and then don’t drink it so I’m consciously trying to drink at least half a glass when I pour one.]
  • Putting spotify on whilst I work [not a chore but I want to discover new music]

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