Being happy at a base level

I love this video

It is so true that we can choose to be happy, right here, right now, today. Instead of looking for things, an event in the future or someone to make us happy, we could choose to be happy in this moment. Be present in conversations, take in the view from your office window, enjoy the work task at hand (I’m currently on my lunch break writing this). Since taking up more regular meditation I’m slowly learning to be happy right now. I often surprise myself when I naturally respond to friends asking me ‘how I am getting on’ with how well I am, when nothing major has occurred today or this week, but instead I am just enjoying myself more moment by moment not needed anything in particular to bring me happiness and contentment. It’s pretty liberating to feel you could actually be happy anywhere too, something I have realized since relocating to Melbourne with circa 1 friend to my name when I landed.

I am slowly learning not to plan too far ahead and think about what feels right at the moment as I have realized that worrying, catastrophizing or even fantasizing about the future does not bring anything to my life. Even if this purely comes from a place of wanting to be more present I have found it has had positive impacts in other areas of my life over time such as exercise and an awareness of how my body and mind feel afterwards, and eating healthily, as I am more aware of how food makes me feel in and after the moment and also when I am full. It may sound silly but my addiction to chocolate doesn’t have quite the same hold over me which is truly liberating for someone who has craved and 99% of the time succumbed to something sweet after meals for the last 20 years. It’s definitely still a daily journey but one which I am enjoying.

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