Taking alcohol and sugar back up age twenty eight

So I want to do a revision on a post I have already posted about giving up sugar and alcohol as they weren’t serving me. I have actually now come full circle and think that for someone like me who tends to go for extremes (regular chocolate lent failure over here) that a more balanced, forgiving approach is the way to go. I am realizing that as soon as I try and not have something, the more I think about it.

I used to think it was down to lack of will power, well maybe it is, but I also have changed my perspective which has helped me have a better relationship with alcohol, sugar, food in general and coffee.

Drinking and eating are pleasures in life, huge features of modern society and life is there to be enjoyed.

I think excluding things creates a situation of anxiety, at least for me. Which then turns to overconsuming a whole chocolate bar. Feeling ashamed and being mean to myself. Vowing off chocolate and then thinking about it more. Eating another whole chocolate bar…. Vicious. Cycle. I think the key is more in trying to be present in the tasks so you are appreciating them in the moment and by doing so, knowing when to stop.

So, you can go to the gym a bit, eat salad for lunch and porridge from breakfast, but maybe a few glasses of wine at the weekend, an almond croissant on Fridays and a chocolate brownie or two.

Will power does play a part. I know I can’t buy a large chocolate bar and just eat one square so I don’t that to myself. I also kinda dislike people who do have that self control. 

But by letting myself have one or two normal sized chocolate bars a week, when I feel like them, in the present moment, I can stop the anxious over thinking about chocolate and denying myself it entirely which inevitably leads to the vicious cycle as outlined above.

Kindness is key. So, when you do get wasted on Aperol Spritz’, dance the night away in a cheesy club and getting a kebab on the way home, you then don’t beat yourself up the next day and go for an extreme diet and alcohol ban. Instead you embrace the hangover, treat yourself to a takeaway and Netflix day and get back on track on Monday and enjoy the memories (probably still feel hungover as hangovers now last two to three days).

#moderation #backstreetsback #selflove #semiironichashtags

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