Simple morning ritual

I have worked out a good morning ritual now which suits me at the moment. Since getting into reading self improvement and life optimisation books and podcasts over the last few years I have noticed I can get a bit obsessive, anxious or feel guilty about what I do and don’t do each day. I have stripped it back and decided to keep it simple.

  • Set my alarm and try not to snooze (work in progress).
  • Drink a glass of water (already by my bed).
  • Tease out any thoughts that have popped up overnight. Usually negative ones or anxieties about the day. Write down the thought and maybe open it up. Is this worth worrying about? Am I being small minded? Write an action plan for the thought if it is something I can address or let it go. Even just writing them down helps me be aware of them and then not obsess too much hopefully throughout the day.
  • Listen to a Tara Brach meditation. I used to use the calm app but I prefer Tara’s Buddhism based style, there is more choice and variety of length and she does new ones each week. I have scrolled through her podcasts and saved the meditations onto my phone and just pick a different one each morning.

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