Listening to the news

For the past year I’ve flipped between not wanting to know the news because it is always depressing and isn’t really adding to my life, to feeling selfish not wanting to know the news and being embarrassed about my knowledge of current affairs. Recently, I have come to think it is important to have an understanding of the world to be a part of it and see yourself as part of the whole rather than an individual looking after number one. From this place I want to know what is going on in the world, but rather than reading a newspaper, watching TV or scrolling through Facebook news, I am choosing to listen to news based podcasts.

BBC World News is the one I am opting for at the moment. It is updated each day and about 45 minutes long. As well as the headlines you get reports and debates so you learn a bit more about what is going on. I am aiming to listen to it whilst I go on a walk before/on my way to work and really listen to it rather than loose myself in thoughts or plans for the day (with mixed success – I find focussing on my feet and hands moving along as I walk helps me stay present). I am also trying not to be annoyed at myself if I don’t walk or listen to it everyday e.g. at the weekends if I am busy or if I am tired and lie in. Another good time for listening for me is after the gym when I am stretching. I then choose not to watch TV, scroll on facebook or read newspapers for the most part.

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