Putting yourself out there anxiety

My first cookbook ‘Lunchbox Salads’ is published today and I am speaking on Radio X about it at 2PM. Anyone who has pre ordered a copy should receive it today or tomorrow and it will be in a few magazines and papers. Although I am proud of myself and the book I have a lot of anxiety about it and don’t often talk about it.

What if it isn’t very good? I wrote it after a big break up and felt that I wasn’t in the best headspace. Perhaps this will have affected the book? No, you checked the recipes, you wrote it with another chef friend and tried the recipes together, your a good cook and should have faith in yourself. You wrote recipes for a living and have never had a complaint and sold salads you designed yourself across London. This is a fear based on no facts. In fact the facts say the opposite. Give yourself some credit. 

I don’t want to be braggy on Facebook or appear different and successful. Where does this come from? Not wanting to stand out/always wanting to fit in. It is okay to be proud of yourself and your achievements without having to brag. Don’t down play them but don’t boast either. Sharing something big and important like this with your friends is natural and posting on social media can also be part of your PR it doesn’t have to be personal and about you.

Similarly, everyone has their own lives and will notice your success for 1 second and this is just a cook book. No need to over dramatise the situation. 

This book can be more than you, it is helping people eat healthily, enjoy cooking and have less food waste. Those are positive wordly factors, don’t let your self conscious ego get in the way of that.

Give yourself a break, you worked hard and achieved this. Be kind. 

Ok, now I will read this back three times and try and enjoy this special day.

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