Procrastinating. and doing less

I definitely do it. Sometimes when I have done one task I mentally feel I can sit and do nothing for a while as a reward, or, sometimes when I have lots of tasks to do I feel a bit anxious and don’t know where to start so do nothing. The biggest area I find I end up procrastinating in is with exercise, putting it off and not fully committing to it. Find exercise I enjoy (group HIIT work outs, yoga and tennis) which are literally on my route home from work (so no excuse) has been the key to my success in building exercise into my daily routine in Australia.

Since I have been back in the UK on holiday I have found it hard to build it into a routine, instead finding it easier to make time for going for a long walk instead. I was making myself feel a bit bad about this but I am going to give myself a break. Walking is great and I’m on holiday 😀

Now I will go and buy a nice coffee (I have become slightly obsessed with good coffee since moving to Melbourne) and walk through Regents Park for an hour listening to a podcast (either Sky News or an episode on The Good Life Project).

Then I am going to sit and read a bit more of The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss or check out an art gallery. I find the book interesting with all the personal stories and I like the ideas, but, I don’t find it 100% relatable as I am trying to simplify my life right now and focus on a few things that are important to me, rather than optimise every moment.

I was going to meet a friend for lunch today and another for dinner, but I have cancelled the lunch so I can have a bit more time for myself. I have realised that I need time alone to reflect and take in information and life in a passive way as when I am around people a lot I get a bit tired and overwhelmed. Coming home has been lovely (and hard with family drama) but also exhausting. I think I am quite an emotional person and having big catch ups and meaningful conversations with friends and family I haven’t seen for 7 months is great but does zap my energy as an introvert. I think am learning to put myself first and work out what works for me. Then I will be at my best when I am around people and able to offer and contribute more. Well that’s the plan. Pending… 🙂


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