I landed back in Australia on Saturday night after a 5 week trip home to the UK. The departure terminal changed at Heathrow and I had to rush with all my bags on the tube as the trains were cancelled. There was then a 3 hour delay in Kuala Lumpur airport and I landed late. I think I slept for about 2 hours on the second flight. I travelled back to my flat share where my flat mates who I met a few months ago were out. I unpacked my suitcase and got into bed.

I was very much alone and felt alone after a tense trip home where my Mum can barely look me in the eye as she is so hurt that I have chosen to live in Australia despite seeing how happy I am. [Literally probably for a year or two but from her reaction you would think I had signed a 20 year ‘sentence’]. I no longer felt at home at my parent’s home and that is a sad thought as we have always been close.

I moved here because my gut was telling me too, I enjoy travelling and meeting new people and I have a job here I enjoy. I don’t have many friends (I can count them on one hand) but the friends I do have are awesome and supportive. I like my flat and flatmates, I like where I work and get my coffee. I walk 15 minutes to work over a bridge and sometimes there are hot air balloons in the morning. I play tennis and will sign up to some more lessons and I would like to join a meditation group and do some more hiking at weekends.

It’s a much simpler set up to what I had in London and I have no family here. But, deep down I am at peace with what I am doing and happier than I have ever been. You can’t live for other people or what you should do, I have learnt that you can be happy anywhere as long as you are happy in your Self. I am my own home away from home and think that is pretty cool.

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