I’m an over doer. I write lists of what I want to achieve each day and beat myself up if I don’t achieve them. I over think and obsess about things. In an age where there is so much information about how best to optimise your life I am learning that I need to do the opposite and slow down.

Have a simple morning routine; journal, meditate and listen to a news podcast but don’t beat myself up if I snooze through some of these activities.

Aim to go to the gym if I don’t have plans on but no worries if I don’t make it or I’m feeling really tired. 3/4 times per week is okay.

Try and go for a walk at lunch time but all good if it’s raining and I don’t make it.

Eat healthily during the week but if I have had a bad day or if I am watching Game of Thrones with my flat mates some chocolate and popcorn is okay.

Work for 8 hours a day but don’t feel bad for procrastinating and taking breaks. This is one I struggle with as I have a sense of guilt if I am not working but really, as long as I get what is expected of me done and I am happy with what I am achieving, it is okay to have a few breaks and read some online articles (or chat to a friend on FB messenger).

Mantra: Slow down. You’re fine, you’re doing great. No need to rush.

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