So apparently those moments when you are outside in nature and are struck/in awe/your breathe is taken away, they are moments which not only give you a huge sense of presence and happiness in that moment, but they can create new positive channels in the brain. There have also been recent studies which link walking outside with creativity. [Heard this on the latest Good Life Project podcast On Awe, Positive Actions, Anxiety and Depression]

I get a huge amount of happiness just through walking to work each day and it is a commute I am hugely grateful for. I walk over a bridge by South Yarra in Melbourne for 15 minutes and I am at work. As I walk over the bridge I can look to my right and see the centre of Melbourne over the river. Sometimes there are rowers on the water and if I am lucky hot air balloons flying over. I often stop and take a look (and sometimes a photo).

I’m consciously endeavouring to spend more time outdoors in general as I do think it is a great way of getting you out of your head and helps put life into a wider perspective. At the moment this means my mini walk to work and also a short walk at lunch (sometimes just to get a coffee), plus I am trying to get out and about exploring Melbourne at the weekends.

Last Sunday I did ‘The 1000 Steps’ walk with my flatmate and we got hot chocolate and shared some carrot cake afterwards in Sassafras, a cute town outside Melbourne. It was ideal. I was feeling a little bit hung over/jet lagged but found the walk to be hugely calming and I hope to have taken some of that peacefulness into my week.



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