I write a few things I am grateful for each day on a post it note at work. It’s a good break in between tasks and I have a post it note saying ‘gratitude’ on my screen to remind me. It has been proven to help with depression and creating a positive mentality and literally is a 2 minute task if that. At one time, I would have been embarrassed to have a post it note saying gratitude but I am much more confident and happy in myself now that I don’t mind people seeing it or if they judged me in anyway. Most people would be interested or be able to relate to such a daily ritual but my internal lens would usually be that people are going to judge me negatively, a lens I am working on changing at the moment too just through being aware of it.

Today I am grateful for:

A sweet text from a friend I woke up to

The cappuccino I am drinking. Delicious! I used to feel bad ordering milky coffee and worry about being unhealthy or having too much dairy but that is a belief I gained from my Mum and I have decided to let it go as I love coffee and cappuccinos and it’s not worth wasting my head space worrying about that.

My sunny walk into work

The podcast I listened to this morning for the first time (Rich Roll) which I found I could relate to. I often feel I find my ‘tribe’ in podcasts but would like to find a few more real life friends who share similar interests. I am going to look out for a meditation group to join as I think that could be a good place.

The heating in my office keeping me warm.

The Spotify song playing in the background right now (playlist – Folk Rock Chill)

The feeling that I am getting to know who I am authentically more each day (but not stressing about the also daily set backs)

The sense I know when I am rushing/getting anxious and able to catch it more e.g. this morning I woke up and felt I didn’t meditate very well and started stressing about work and when I would go to the gym. I managed to catch myself rushing, smile with my mind for getting carried away and come back to the moment.

Today I am working on a marketing strategy at work. I’m going to try and go for a walk over lunch and tonight I am going boxing with my flatmate! Something I would have been terrified to try a few months ago but I gave it a shot, enjoyed it and find it fun to do with a friend and kinda meditative (because I am so badly co ordinated I really need to concentrate whilst boxing!).



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