Not rushing

Today I am trying not to rush. I had a busy day and evening yesterday and found myself waking up with a million lists in my head, plans for the day, weekend, things I want to buy, admin I need to do… I rushed to the gym and felt quite self conscious because I wasn’t very present perhaps, and because I usually feel self conscious at the gym unless I am in a really good place because of all the mirrors I think, but I still had a good work out and it makes my body feel good. I came home, got dressed and made myself sit and meditate to a guided Tara Brach meditation for 20 minutes before heading off to work.

Initially my mind was all over the place (maybe for half the meditation!) but I wasn’t hard on myself, saw how distracted I was and tried to separate those thoughts from myself. Eventually, I was able to relax back into my body and let them come and go without getting caught up in my head. Now I am sitting at working still feeling a bit manic and rushy but aware of that and able to drop back and let it pass, maybe do 1 or 2 errands on my to list but not get distracted too much in doing doing doing.

Tomorrow, I will try and get up a bit earlier so I can mediate before I go to the gym and not be rushing around in the morning.

I will lay out my gym clothes tonight so they are ready to go.

I’m going to set an alarm for 9.30 PM tonight to remind me then to put my phone on aeroplane mode/TV/laptop away and then read/listen to a podcast in bed to help me go to sleep earlier.

Good luck future me šŸ™‚

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