End of year review

So I had my end of the year review today at work. It has been 13 months since I moved to Australia from London and I have been in my job for 11 of those. I can honestly say I love it.

Things I love about it:

I walk a casual 15 minutes over a bridge and I am at work. I mean, it’s the dream!

I feel so supported here, my boss is a sweetie and we have a funny little team. It’s me and 4 guys, all quite quiet and on the introverted side, but we get on and it is a nice working environment.

I feel safe. When I ran my own company I think I was living in fear of something going wrong, that we’d run out of money or I would mess up. It has taken me a while, but my boss is encouraging me to try things out and not be afraid to fail. It’s so nice feeling like you have a safety net and everything will be okay.

When the shit hit the fan in my personal life 3 months ago (when I came out to my parents) my boss and colleagues were here and unjudging. My natural attitude is not to share too much at work, but I broke down one day after I received a nasty message from my Mum and they told me they are my Melbourne family and support me. I felt so touched by their response and it is liberating to feel I can be 100% myself, be vulnerable and not have a personal and work face.

The actual work is creative and interesting (I’m head of Marketing and Branding for a health start up), although we have had set backs this year (tricky staff, website issues, product issues…) I still enjoy what we are doing day to day and I am excited for 2018. Although things haven’t happened as fast as I might like this year (because I’m a rushy perfectionist who wants everything to happen now) we have learnt a lot and I think in the long run we will be in a stronger position.


What I don’t like and how I am going to turn these don’t likes into likes. 

It can be a very small environment with just the 5 of us and I am the only girl. Sometimes I miss more interaction especially as I am in a city where I still don’t have ‘heaps’ (Aussie language pick up) of friends.

I have joined quite a social gym where it is easy to meet and chat to people. I think being in that environment doing HIIT work outs which really get your energy raised, and where I have made a few friends, balances out the quieter work environment. 

It is very autonomous which is great but I have to be very self accountable and trust myself. There isn’t really anyone mentoring or teaching me and I am only 29 and want to keep learning.

I try and set myself a MIT (Most Important Task) each day which I try to achieve above emails so I feel I am making progress towards our bigger goals and have a sense of accomplishment. In the new year I am also going to look to compliment my work alongside reading/podcasts/short courses (in Branding and Writing initially) so I can keep learning and start to be more assertive. 

In a general sense, being more assertive in who I am, what I like and don’t like, at home and in my work ability is going to be my area of focus in the New Year. I’m naturally quite a quiet people pleaser and I don’t like to make a fuss but I’m slowly learning it is okay to be different and be myself as long as my intentions are in the right place.




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