note to self, caffeine is nat my friend

It’s 2.30 AM in Melbourne and I feel like I have taken drugs. I had 2 coffees today (almond lattes, so Melbs) one at 4 PM (great idea) and I don’t know why I did. Caffeine always makes me feel a bit weird and wired but every day I somehow forget and get one. I think in part from addiction, in part to be social at work and in part because my monkey mind convinces me each day to just have a coffee and not over think it.

I’m going to set the intention now to cut out caffeine. I’m naturally quite a rushy person so I don’t even need it as a pick me up I just like the taste and as per above I’m addicted, but I don’t think it is worth the anxiety, sleeplessness and wired feeling…. I mean why do I do this to myself?

Lets see if posting this publicly helps me stick to this intention!

Night night… (fingers crossed)


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