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I’m Naomi. I’m a 28 year old who grew up in the countryside in Cambridgeshire, UK. I spent most of my twenties working in London, as a chef for a bit, in marketing and I also ran my own food delivery business Lunch BXD for 2 years. Surreally, we are publishing a cookbook about easy, healthy lunch box recipes you can make for work this July 2017.

In November 2016 I moved to Melbourne Australia as I had always wanted to live abroad and it felt like a bit of a now or never moment. Over the past two years I’ve started trying to lead a more authentic life, doing what I really want to do rather than what I feel I should do or what people around me are doing or perhaps expect of me. It hasn’t been easy but I have no regrets and I am much happier for it. I spend quite a bit of time learning about self improvement and mental wellbeing and feel like I am on a bit of a journey of figuring out what works for me.┬áLots of stripping back and trying not to be too hard on myself basically!

I have this urge to share my experiences which I have decided to embrace and would love to chat with anyone who is exploring similar ideas. That is why I started this blog, but also for myself to correlate what is going on in my crazy little mindddd.

Catch me on naomijtwigden@gmail.com

Naomi X

Sorry for any typos or rushed articles. I am going to try and get my thoughts out and post rather than edit and agonise over them..


What I am trying to do at the moment

Trying to be more minimal, in how I lead my life and what I own

Trying to be kind to myself

Trying to be authentic – not puff up or hide who I am

Trying to be present day to day and live through my heart

Trying to factor meditation, exercise and stretching into my daily routine

Trying to eat healthily (lots of vegetables)and meal plan but also enjoy chocolate, coffee, wine and eating out

Trying to get outdoors or do new things at the weekend e.g. hiking, walking, exhibitions, travel, meet new people

Trying not to do too much, knowing I need time to myself to sit, read, watch movies and relax.

Trying not to beat myself up when I sometimes fail at all of the above and see that as part of the learning

Trying to have a positive relationship with my Mum who was once my best friend but is currently very angry at me for leading my own, authentic life